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You, an average salaried employee, are in charge of the new intern: your boss's beloved only child. But who would have imagined that this well-educated kid would be such good-for-nothing!?

Get ready to find creative solutions to mundane, disasterous events....  and enjoy this misadventure in Pixel Art with original music composed by our team. 

And remember: you have one job. To save it. 

How To play:

W/A/S/D or Arrows: Move 

Mouse:  Interact with the minigames,

Game made in seven days for IndieDevDay Game Jam .

Wait for a future Update after the jam is closed. 

Members of Red Velvet Games

Marc Arroyo

Martina Llop

Alba Marquez

Sergi Olives

Laura Rambla

Credits to Google Images.

Music made using Bosca Ceoil


YouHadOneJob.zip 23 MB

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